Ancilla Systems Incorporated provides administrative, management and consultative services to or for the benefit of the Ancilla Domini Sisters, Inc. and the ministries of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ. Professional expertise in the areas of administration, financial strategy and management, facilities and property management, information technology and development services is available. These administrative support services expand the organizational capacity of the ministries and strengthen community benefits.


  • Accountable for management and operations of Ancilla Systems, including vision and direction consistent with the PHJC Ministry Model
  • Plan and implement governance activities
  • Oversee risk and insurance management program
  • Provide human resources leadership in the areas of compensation and benefits, recruitment and retention, and administration of pension plans
  • Manage Ancilla‚Äôs obligations related to former healthcare entities
  • Liaison for Linden Houses

Development Services

  • Share best practices in the field of development
  • Facilitate communication between ministries
  • Assist with creating Case Statements & Ministry Development Plans
  • Provide assistance for the creation and maintenance of the donor database
  • Coordinate implementation of events
  • Coordinate newsletter and distribution for Northwest Indiana ministries
  • Serve as a grants resource
  • Assist with donor visits

Financial Strategy and Management

  • Offer accounting and cash management services
  • Provide strategic and analytical financial assessment
  • Provide assistance with tax filings
  • Assist ministries understand their current financial position
  • Assess appropriateness of financial infrastructure compared to strategic initiatives
  • Evaluate integrity and efficiency of financial reporting, make recommendations and support implementation
  • Provide investment consulting services

Support Services

  • Provide project management for new construction
  • Evaluate facilities relative to renovation and repair needs; assist with completion of projects
  • Assist in developing budgets for repairs and upkeep of properties
  • Work with real estate agents on the purchase, lease and sale of property
  • Assist with developing safety and security training programs and emergency preparedness
  • Assist with routine and capital purchases
  • Provide assistance with the purchase of computer hardware and software
  • Provide coordination and assistance for computer hardware service
  • Coordinate registration for Information Technology training classes
  • Provide hosting for financial applications
  • Provide network support
  • Provide website design and development strategies and web hosting
  • Support video conference systems

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