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Ancilla Systems Incorporated

1419 South Lake Park Avenue
Hobart, IN 46342
Phone: (219) 947-8500
Fax: (219) 947-4037

For more information regarding Ancilla Systems please call:

Sr. Mary Ellen Goeller, PHJC
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Staff Directory

Requests for assistance may be directed to designated ASI staff members or by contacting 219-947-8500.

Sherita Brewer Development Services 219-947-8576
Mike Brockway Support Services 219-947-8573
Amy Brown Financial Services 219-947-8529
Herlinda Castro Support Services 219-947-8509
Patricia Cottingham Support Services 219-947-8500
Holly Cummings Development Services 219-947-8559
JR Daves Support Services 219-947-8563
Chris Dow Development Services 219-947-8560
Sean El-Talibani Support Services 219-947-8575
Sr. Mary Ellen Goeller, PHJC Administration 219-947-8564
Paula Gratt Administration 219-947-8522
Molly Hartwig Administration 219-947-8566
Warren Johnson Development Services 219-947-8542
Erica Marske Development Services 219-947-8500
Brandon Martin Financial Services 219-947-8571
Amanda Maynard Development Services 219-947-8565
Victor Roman Support Services 219-682-7340
Geoff Williams Support Services 219-947-8558